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Starting Over in Business: Rising From the Ashes of Financial Distress

Starting Over in Business: Rising From the Ashes of Financial Distress

September 07, 2021

Financial problems can happen to anyone and sure can leave you feeling defeated. If you have had difficulties with finances, it does not mean that you are doomed to repeat that history in future business endeavors. With proper planning and support, you can recreate your future and start a business anew.

Your new chapter starts with a detailed business plan. A solid business plan requires a trustworthy funding strategy. Cambridge Financial Group offers comprehensive financial products, running the gamut from insurance and retirement packages to investment options. Whether you have run into a personal financial snag or prior business funding issues, you can recover and rise from the ashes.

Planning for Success

If it has been a while since you drafted a business plan, use a template so that you cover all of the main points that will impact your startup. An important first step is deciding on your business’s mission: What purpose will your company serve? As you deep-dive into the details of your outreach plan, consider how your business will differ from the competition and weave that into your media and marketing campaigns.

Your financial plan for the business should include startup costs, material needs, tech budget, and employee expenses. If you are concerned about this aspect of the business due to past struggles, consider hiring a financial consultant to get support in planning your business finances and other key areas. Another way to establish greater security is to think about your business formation and the way you structure your company.

Structure and Formation

There can be power in numbers. If you opt to join forces with a partner to start a business, it can reduce the burden on you. Plus, you enjoy fresh perspectives on how to build and grow the company. Make sure you research the risks and benefits of partnering up for a business venture, as many friendships have suffered due to plans that went sour. Set ground rules for yourselves if you do take on a partner and seek legal guidance on protecting both parties throughout the process.

Your business can be developed in a way that protects your personal assets by forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC). This can be especially reassuring for entrepreneurs who have had financial problems in the past. Planning for disasters is an important part of developing your new startup; this is a lesson many business owners learned quickly due to the pandemic. Also, secure insurance for your company, and establish a nest egg of about three to six months to create a cushion if your company suddenly needs new equipment or experiences a loss.  As you build your employee base, consider creating user-friendly systems that can assist with the workload and daily processes.

Simplify Processes and Workload

Your team will rely on you to create a workplace that is safe, sane, and sustainable. A great place to start is by using a payroll system that tracks time automatically, integrates with existing systems, and makes it easy for you to manage employees overall. Need mobile tracking? No problem. A sophisticated, intuitive program that’s mobile-accessible ensures that you stay on top of schedules, projects, and timesheets, even when you’re off-site.

For companies who share online projects, platforms like Google Drive or Slack are great for real-time collaboration. Protect your data and technology with updated malware and spyware detection programs, and make sure your website is protected to keep data safe. Your employees will enjoy working for a business that values them enough to use quality applications, and your customers will appreciate the peace of mind that comes from engaging with a safe platform.

As you start your journey and take another stab at business, reflect on your past struggles and all that you have learned along the way. You can create the future you have always dreamed of when you use solid strategies, work with professionals, and invest in quality systems and tools.