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Free 2020 Guide to Social Security

The Guide To Social Security

Social Security is complex, with many options. Understanding those options will make a huge difference for you and your loved ones. For example, when you choose to start or how you receive retirement benefits may drastically limit the the amount you receive for the rest of your life. You should certainly meet with a financial professional to help guide you through these decisions and options. They will introduce new perspectives and ideas that you may not have considered. 

To help you get started in the process, we're offering a free copy of the 64-page booklet, the 2020 Guide to Social Security. Published by Mercer, this usually costs $10 and is filled with tables, examples and easy to understand scenarios. Please fill out the form below and in the question field please include your mailing address and the keywords "Guide to Social Security". We will mail a copy of the guide to you.

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