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Getting Started With Special Needs Planning

Without proper expertise and planning, there is simply no way that a family’s assets will be passed on in a way that is best for their child with disabilities. The process can feel daunting—which causes many families to delay starting the process. However, families who enlist the help of properly trained experts have an advocate who can walk with them through the entire process.

Essential elements to proper special needs planning include:

  • Finding the right professionals to work with: most attorneys and financial advisers are unfamiliar with the issues related to special needs planning
  • Understanding the qualifications for government benefits: assets, trusts, and beneficiaries all need to be aligned to ensure benefit eligibility for your child
  • Stress-tested trust funding options: families need to have confidence that the plan to fund the special needs trust will work under a variety of unpredictable circumstances
  • Regular reviews of the plan: circumstance, relationships, and needs change over time making ongoing reviews necessary

If you have questions about the process or you're ready to get started, please complete the form below. John will contact you and help make it easier.