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Special Needs Planning

Estate planning is important for all of us, but for families with special needs children, estate planning is critical. There are many resources and strategies available, but navigating through the process can be overwhelming, especially for families who often find their schedule and finances stretched thin. That's where we can help the most.

“I know how all-consuming it can be to simply get through some days when your child has special needs. Nothing is more gratifying to me than helping these families achieve peace of mind about the future.” John Crowley, Special Needs Adviser

Special Attention For Special Needs

Special Needs Advisor, John Crowley, with his son Matt. 

When Special Care Is Needed: The Special Needs Trust
A special needs trust helps care for a special needs child when you’re gone.

John’s passion to pursue this important qualification stems from his own experience as the father of a son with special needs. “While raising a child with special needs has moments of incredible joy, it can also be terribly challenging. It’s not like you’re sent home from the hospital with a step-by-step manual,” John said. “Often dealing with the day-to-day challenges keeps families from planning for the ‘what if we’re not here to take care of our child?’ scenario.”

A properly structured plan helps families prepare for the future quality of life for children with special needs by addressing the critical legal and financial issues. Working with a qualified attorney, families need to decide the details of guardianship, conservatorship, a properly structured will, and establishing a special needs trust. Without these protections, most children with special needs would be automatically ineligible to receive important government benefits after the passing of their parents. Furthermore, families need to work with a qualified Special Needs Adviser to determine the best strategies for adequately funding the trust as well as properly designating beneficiaries for all financial accounts and policies.

Free Educational Workshops

Special Needs Advisor, John Crowley, offers free workshops in Salt Lake County, Utah County and Davis County to discuss the importance of special needs planning and share the many, free resources available through the State of Utah and other organizations. Please complete click this button to receive an invitattion to the next session.

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Getting Started With Special Needs Planning

From finding the right experts to stress-testing trust funding opitons, we've summarized the proper steps to take to make sure you're well prepared for you and your child's future needs. 

Getting Started

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